Fashion has often been recognized as a way of expressing who you are. Therefore, it has become a much easier way of being able to tell who a person is just by merely looking at them. Hence the statement, “dress how you want to be addressed.”

For example, looking at online casino games at, you will find that agents like Jane Blond and James Bond will be wearing dark suits. On the other hand, princesses will come wearing ballroom gowns while vampires have the signature Dracula popped up collar long tailed jacket look.

But, today’s fashion industry is constantly evolving. And, there are some crazy ideas out there. Here are are some jaw dropping fashion statements you might come across this year.

Sweater Sleeves

After getting killer abs from hard 2 hour gym sessions, it is ok to want to show off a little. But, wearing sweater sleeves without the sweater seems over the top and pointless.

However, if you are generally a sweater person, then you might enjoy this creation in summer. Therefore, you might want to save up a little as you will have to part with over US$2000. Maybe you can use your best payout online casinos winnings to buy it.

Dying Armpit Hair

Growing and dying armpit hair may seem bizarre but it is definitely being practiced in different parts of the world.

There have been a lot of views on keeping underarm hair between men and women. However, the general consensus is that men can keep their underarm hair while the women have to shave it off. But, dying the hair is a completely new concept that we will have to get used to

Getting Eyeball Tattoos

Getting eyeball tattoos is the riskiest thing you will ever get to do. This is because, if it is not properly done; you might lose your sight, the eye itself or get constant critical pain in the process.

However, in spite of all that, people are still going ahead to risk their eyesight just to make a fashion statement. Therefore, if you do not mind getting a needle with unknown fluid injected in your eye then you can go ahead and try it out.