The Crimea and Kuban open season: the heads of the regions about the features of rest this summer

the black sea coast is waiting for guests. In the Crimea and in the Kuban opened the holiday season. In regions gradually abolished restrictions, imposed because of the pandemic, and now dozens of resorts opened for tourists. What security measures will remain unchanged? And if you can already plan a vacation to the sea? About it heads of regions Sergey Aksenov and Veniamin Kondratiev personally told correspondents of the TV channel “Russia 1” Yana Chipped in Crimea and Anna Sorokina in the Krasnodar region.

Author: Ian Chipped

— Sergey V., good day! This year will be organized travelers, on the one hand and the other hand, safe?

— we are currently preparing to open 440 beaches. They are from the point of view of safety tested. From the 15th of June, the domestic tourism, removed the mandatory observation for all visitors from other regions of the Russian Federation. Left: observation only required for visitors from abroad, including from the territory of Ukraine.

Control to some at the entrance to the Peninsula will remain?

— Only the temperature. That is, if the detected people with signs of SARS, information about the disease is transmitted to medical workers. If testing shows the coronavirus, should be hospitalized to the infectious Department. Contacts practiced. Contacts must complete the withdrawal within two weeks. This is a standard pattern of action. No other measures, such as questionnaires, does not require anything more.

— In places of a mass congestion of people saved mask mode?

Mass gathering of people is, basically, now inside in the premises. On the streets wearing a mask is optional. Again, the recommendation is to use public transport. If you are inside enclosed spaces, particularly where a large density if the premises ne equipped with recyclers and other air cleaning devices, it is required to wear a mask.

Our goal is to maximally inform the citizens that the responsibility and at their own game is. They should remember that the need to wash hands, exercise and so on. If tomorrow someone who came to embrace, kiss is their right. But everyone should remember that may bring infection into the house. Authorities will take all measures related to the treatment of surfaces to reduce the possibilities of infection.

— And the penalties?

— ticket. I believe that coercive measures cannot be achieved. Only conviction, the person realized that this security measure is necessary to him personally and his family. Convinced? So he will perform. And by any measures of coercion, in my opinion, the situation is not corrected.

— whether All hotels, hotels, sanatoria of the Crimea are ready to comply with the requirements of the CPS and what is the requirement most difficult to perform?

— today expressed readiness to open about 130 units. About the requirements of Rospotrebnadzora I already addressed in the Federal centre for mitigation, some requirements have been relaxed. If earlier it was mandatory testing of staff on a weekly basis, now it is mandatory testing is only found in spas. The rooms are tested only at the time of going to work.

Also coming to the sanitarium must bring a certificate of absence of disease coronavirus infection. At the hotel, such a certificate is not needed. But in any case we arrange all these requirements in the direction of easing and bring them to a single standard until July 1. That is, for all the conditions are in this part are the same.

— There is a kind of entertainment which this year will be unavailable?

— Almost everything outdoors, will be available. Only concert halls and cinemas — this is where you will not be able to get our campers. Museums all work. It is clear that there will not be mass excursions, but still the order of the famous museums, the staff is aware.

I Think that we’ll be able to get to the minimum to the number of infected in the territory of the Republic of Crimea. So once again: all that fresh air, all without any restrictions.

— the fact that our external borders are closed, will affect the price of domestic tourism?

— so far we don’t see that there is a global increase in prices. Monitor. I think that tour operators today are not configured to raise the price level. Now all fighting for a constant traveler. Just have the opportunity to reorient tourist who traveled to Turkey and Egypt, Russian resorts. Clearly, the quality of service it is necessary to raise. And this quality should be comparable to those that provide similar accommodation facilities abroad. People go where the best, the cheapest, where delicious. We must fight for every tourist. I’m sure we have all the chances.

Author: Anna Sorokina

— Veniamin Ivanovich, the holiday season this year in the Krasnodar region unusual. How to make the stay of tourists was pleasant and safe?

— How stay will be comfortable and safe, still depends on tourists. Because no matter how much we said, but the safety of the resorts of the Krasnodar territory in the first place depends on those who come here, their health. Health in the difficult situation of the pandemic. Of course, if taken care, including the preservation of itshealth, and to go to the seaside, experiencing unwell, and, of course, today everyone looks the same whether its the symptoms with the symptoms of coronavirus. If the symptoms are the same, need to stay home and take care of themselves and the resorts of Krasnodar region.

the Resorts of Krasnodar territory — it is also and resorts throughout the country. Therefore, we carefully look at the situation in the country from the point of view of the epidemiological situation. I believe that the current situation in the whole country and, of course, we have in the province, says that we can not only, as we have done, to open a sanatorium with medical licenses. From 12 June we opened the room up to 50 seats. But I think in the near future and in General to acccess hotel complex in Krasnodar region for vacationers from all over the country, including our region. This must be done because we still have to accept the realities of life. People are still going to favorite, the native black sea coast. And we have to manage a situation they will create by coming here. Restrictions we their arrival is not arresting. It will do nothing.

We have to assume that they will come, and so we have to do everything, to predict, to warn the situation and control the situation. But that is not the situation then ruled us when we are not able to predict, cannot prevent, cannot create conditions for coming to us on the black sea coast they really improved their health. And this are my priorities: understand somewhere here, maybe to simulate a situation where, I’m sure a huge number of tourists from across the country will come to rest to us, in Krasnodar Krai. This situation we model, we try to do our best to cope in the fight against the pandemic with the big flow of tourists. So they rested comfortably, to safely rest, so they are truly a Wellness centre with hotwound actually went joyous to the black sea coast. Today it is a strategic task for me.

Regarding the requirements of the CPS. I’ll probably dishonest if I say that they are simple, or that these requirements can easily cope. And those hotels up to 50 seats, which can operate from 12 June, still can’t obtain the consent of CPS to work. I believe this is a necessary requirement, it is my deep conviction. If we want all together to make the holiday season not just opened, and continued until at least October, the requirements of the CPS must comply with all company and hotel complex and sanatorium. Only under these conditions we can guarantee the safe from the point of view of epigastralgia holiday season.

I don’t want to say that these requirements are impracticable. Yes, they are serious, very serious. But again, in these times of pandemic is needed. So we were confident not only in the beginning, the continuation, but in affluent end of the holiday season 2020.

From June 21 plan to relinquish control to anyone who wants to come to Krasnodar Krai. Because the vast majority of enterprises is not only the health resort industry and other sectors of the economy, they already work for us. Control, especially through the holiday season all who came — well, let’s be honest, it’s impossible. We must create conditions so that everyone can come and relax, do not constitute a threat to the people around him, including residents of the province.

the Number of observation reduced. But they will continue to work for those who come to us from abroad. And all the others who after 21 June want to come to our land as tourists, will be able to move freely along the edge.

the Requirement to measure the temperature is required. The wearing of masks in the air we have already canceled, but in areas of the mask required. Againtcherneva temperature at the entrance to the region will necessarily be measured, the test for coronavirus will be taken. Well, then it is no obstacle to movement on the edge will not.

the Only thing we have to know exactly what is going one or the other guest edge. It is also a prerequisite. Coming guest, in writing, indicate the specific place of their temporary stay in our region. This will be enough. Because we hope that after all the vast majority of people in our country are responsible people who will not hide the place where they will rest. I’m sure of it.

Security at the resort will depend on holidaymakers. It is impossible to put every three meters of a police officer, CPS or representative of the city hall. Social distance must first control yourself vacationers. I think in these three months we have learned to abide by social distance. Here she plays a good service, including on our beaches.

— in the Krasnodar region a lot of activities will what types are prohibited?

— it is difficult to say what kinds of recreation we do not open. While these solutions are not planned, and I think still they will not. Maybe with the exception of some types of water recreation, including our favorite “bananas”, “pills”. Where social distance cannot be honored. If some rides will not meet the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, they certainly can not work.

— is There a sequence of actions if it detects an outbreak of coronavirus?

— Based on the regulation that exists today, if you find person who is infected with coronavirus, a hotel or a sanatorium immediately turns to the Observatory. And here a very serious responsibility lbehind the administration of resorts, hotels and hotels that the event did not happen. It is very important to test on-site. You need to prevent a guest who is infected. I think that the administration and hotel complexes, and sanatorium complexes are very serious about this request of the CPS.

Time identified infected person will be immediately placed in a medical institution, and thus will not be able to pose a threat to other tourists, and the hotel itself. The threat will be cropped. It is therefore important that administrators, hotel management, hotels, resorts, guest houses understood this and felt this responsibility on themselves.

— How to monitor compliance in the private sector?

— This question is very difficult. Sochi is about is about 26 flights a day. Anapa — about 20 flights per day. Noumea — 6 flights per day. Visitors need a place to settle. To be honest, in the private sector is very difficult to monitor compliance. Therefore here we will pay attention to all arriving in Krasnodar Krai. We take under special control of the airports, railway stations, bus stations and the border region in order to test and to measure the temperature of everyone who comes to our region for vacation.

— is it Possible to understand how many tourists will visit the Krasnodar region?

— I think that today it is difficult to predict how many will arrive at the hotel. Because people have become careful. They also look at the flow in the direction of the black sea coast. Many analyze the situation and don’t want to put yourself and your health at risk. We also take this into account, we understand that is likely to repeat the record of last year in the number of tourists we succeed. But it is important to create conditions for the holiday season. This is a strategic goal today, and our resort municipal towns and the village of kraevoth of power. And then have the choice of the people of the country.

I think we should create the conditions are comfortable, safe, welcome. I still believe that the holiday season of 2020 will be. And will be successful.