The damage from logging in Transbaikalia has grown by half

accounts chamber of Russia has tested the effectiveness of the regional use of forest resources. In 2016-2018 the Agency has identified a technical error in the TRANS-Baikal forest plan. In addition, our region is among the leaders in damage from forest fires, informs GTRK “Chita” with reference to TASS.

the chamber came to the conclusion that the economic damage from forest fires in Transbaikalia for two years has grown from 32 million to 59 million rubles. All, according to the audit chamber, the area of the Russian forests for three years decreased by 2 million hectares, amounting to 1 January 2019 768 million hectares. The timber stock in the forests of the country decreased by 232 million cubic meters.

According to experts of the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation, it indicates neosvoennost forests and low rates of exploitation. In addition, it pointed out the errors in the forest plan in Zabaykalsky Krai, approved in the 2019 10-year period. It requires adjustments because of changes in boundaries of protective, operational and reserve forests, and the availability of technical errors.

Text: GTRK “Chita”