The Darwin Museum will make a Scarecrow of the 84-year-old alligator Saturn

From the carcass of a deceased alligator Saturn taxidermists of the state Darwin Museum are going to do stuffed, the press service of the Museum. Previously, alligator, contained in the Moscow zoo 74 years, died at the age of 84.

the Legendary Saturn died of old age, the zoo management decided to transfer the 3.5-metre carcass of the alligator for the manufacture of stuffed animals.

Specifies that after the production stuffed it will be exhibited in the division of reptiles, this gift from the zoo will coincide with the 113th anniversary of the Museum. The collaboration of the Museum and the zoo houses almost 100 years old and this practice is to perpetuate the animals for a long time. The 110th anniversary of the zoo, the Museum presented the skin of a tiger of Kali, who lived to the end of his days in the zoo.