The daughter of Viktor Proskurin: it was just an actor, who wanted something to steal

In Moscow, July 4 death of Viktor Proskurin. The farewell took place at the Theatre Institute named Shchukin, where she studied the honored artist. The TV channel “Russia 1” Alexander’s Pale daughter loved by millions of the actor told about how her father was.

My children and grandchildren know little of it — they are not often seen, and it frightened them. I think he was great. You know how it is? Comes a man and you’re in awe of him, although like anything terrible he does not.

Here, Mr Zubkov for my children was a man, before whom they tremble. Remember that I myself in my childhood years 10-13 also in front of him was shy, I had such a moment in my life when I thought I — is not what he needs. But then it’s gone.

He was an interesting man: he was never bored anyone – neither women nor men.

And women he had a lot precisely because they will never get bored. There was dullness.

He, of course, cooked, roasted, ironed, vacuumed loved, but his life revolved not around the life.

He could call for me at half past one and read some of Nabokov… he had no prisiminti.

as a boy I was a disease and all the time had a cold, and mom said, “you Will walk, have lunch somewhere, be sure to eat soup”. “Yes, Yes”, he said, and then asked if I wanted soup? Receiving a negative reply, and hearing that you want ice cream, I bought it.

there is so much acting that I don’t understand how he does it. Then there are some things you can do, some can’t. And I think: I also want to be able to. And not so able, not so much this.

several times We played together. I asked: “How do you rehearse?” He is very detail. He had a Talmud — all iscertainly, scribbled some arrows… He worked through the text in great detail. And I thought, “wow, that he can’t remember that?”

he’s on every scene always was a huge amount of his personal internal options… I thought: and I’m also going to learn here is to do everything, but nothing like this.

He was a rare talent. And it is the artist who wants something to steal.

as for teaching, it is because the process of nurturing. It’s like a seed planted, and it gives a sprout. It it is necessary to irrigate, to feed, and he was furious: not growing – so the weeds…