The defense Ministry announced about the upcoming against the army attack information

Deputy defense Minister Ruslan Tsalikov said that a number of foreign countries leads through specific media activity aimed at “discrediting the Russian authorities, politicians, public figures and journalists.”

In the near future this information the pressure will increase, warned Tsalikov. It will be directed against the leadership of the Armed forces of Russia at all levels and will affect how the command, associations, connections, types of troops to the military and political leadership.

Information attack, according to Tsalikov, will focus on discrediting the work to strengthen the armed forces, to undermine the confidence of Russian society in the combat capability and combat readiness of the army. And against the defense Ministry will use dirty methods. In response, the Ministry will meet the “fair and open work,” he warned.

the Deputy Minister said that information has become a destructive and powerful weapon, RIA Novosti reported. The system of mass media and communications is the sector in a very serious confrontation, he said. Tsalikov called on Russian journalists to become in the reflection of the information attack by the allies of the Ministry of defence.