The democratic party USA is trying to use the conflict with Iran for the PR campaign

In the US, the Democrats are trying to use the situation with Iran for a new PR campaign. The house of representatives, which they control, has decided to raise the issue of restriction of military powers of Donald trump against Iran.

the Document chamber, will of course approve, but likely to pass the Senate no. It is controlled by the associates of Donald trump. In this case the Democrats don’t even try to really solve the problem of Imperial policy States when President alone can order to attack other countries.

you need to cancel the special resolution, which American leaders received in 2001, but this is even out of the question, transfers TV channel “Russia 24”.

“We must protect American lives and values. We adopted today a resolution on restriction of military actions of the President. The President’s administration must end the conflict must protect us and to prevent further violence. America and the world can’t afford war”, — said the Chairman of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi.