The Deputy mayor spoke of how the pandemic has affected the social sphere

Deputy mayor Anastasia Rakova in an exclusive interview to TV channel “Russia 24” on the Day the social worker told how many people work in this industry and as a coronavirus pandemic increased the workload in this area.

According to the capital figure in the city is highly developed this structure. In the social sphere today are more than forty thousand people. More than four million citizens will receive the benefits payment. Social protection is granted to various categories of residents, including the disabled, pensioners, children left without parental care and so on. MS Rakova noted that the main focus will be on those who by fate is the most vulnerable position, cannot leave home for health reasons. Vice-mayor drew attention to the fact that today social home services is located approximately 130 thousand residents.

Rakova said that in the conditions of the coronavirus, there is not a single industry that would not increase the load. With the arrival of the pandemic from social services appeared more than two million new beneficiaries. Buying medicines, food, taking out garbage, walking the dog — it all rests on the shoulders of social workers. WITZ-the mayor noted that they were able to quickly increase the number of employees.

the Capital’s worker said that in psychiatric hospitals, boarding houses for veterans of work have been carried out much work in order to avoid them the introduction of infection. MS Rakova noted that this work was able to cope adequately.

To the question, are there social workers any payment in connection with the pandemic, the Vice-mayor answered that their work was appreciated properly. In addition, the decree on fees was signed by President Vladimir Putin.

Anastasia Rakova expressed the hope that the social projects that they have implemented before the pandemic, will be completed to the end. WITZ-the mayor noted that before the end of the year they plan to launch a few more HRErdeni “My social center”. According to her, such places may be provided as new areas for leisure, where they could play Billiards, table tennis, find like-minded friends. If a new form of work like the inhabitants of the city, that the authorities will try to increase the number of such centers.