On Saturday postman Haris Softic (35) rescued the small Max (3) in Obersendling. As the Boy was lost, and the mother found him, brought back Softic him home (tz reported). DHL said their employees now, kudos. “This was an extraordinary story,” says spokesman Erwin Nier. “We would like to thank Mr. Softic for his commitment. Great that he was so attentive and the family was able to help.“

How serious the Situation was, shows that the mother had already agreed to the emergency. Softic, who had interrupted his Tour to help the boy, was with his selfless behavior for the Savior. In August 2017 he is employed by DHL as a courier. “I developed a special sensitivity for people,” he says. DHL wants to reward him now. “We will leave him, in any case, a recognition on the part of the company,” confirmed Nier.

Desperate mother searches for son (3): DHL-driver runaway Boy

Munich – Blonde hair, cheeky Smile: This Boy is the cutest cargo! On Saturday, the little Max was gotten out in Obersendling. His mother, Diana (37) looked for him in vain and finally called the police. But the didn’t have to move out. Because Postman Haris Softic (35) found the three-year-old boy in the Seumestraße and brought him safely back home. “I got him successfully delivered,” laughs Softic, in the works since August of 2017 for DHL. For Max, he had interrupted against 13 watch extra his Tour and helped unselfishly in times of Need. “For me, as a matter of course,” said Softic. “We were a good Team.”

Mama Diana: “I was so grateful and relieved,”

The boy and his mother, he knew from previous deliveries. “He had been standing at the entrance of an underground Parking garage. The residential area is very difficult.“ Where Max lives? The postman found out in conversation with neighbors. The verweinte Bub had previously said only: “In Kindergarten.”

Happy mom, Diana (37) took them to their Max around 13:30 clock back in the arms. “I was so grateful and relieved”, she says. “Of course I had made me very Worried.” But in the end everything went well, thanks to Haris Softic. A big thank you was him for sure. “For me, it is the greatest gift that Max is back home safe,” said Softic. What a messenger for a pound guy, this Package!

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Postman about the runaway Boy: “He had lost the orientation”

By his help, he made a large-scale search action by the police unnecessary. In similar cases, a number of officials from the back, partially, to locate missing children. Max had not run away fortunately. “There were only about 50 meters. But he had lost the orientation,“ says Softic. “I had been looking everywhere for him”, says mom Diana. Fortunately, however, the messenger knew in the area.

It is not the first Time that he was during his working hours for the rescuers. A few months ago an elderly lady had not been for days and days to find. “I found her ill in bed,” said Softic. Relatives and neighbors were relieved…

And Max? The has the courier to a DHL trailer as a gift. “His Name is on it. Then he can report the next Time the same,“ says Haris Softic and smiles. He promises: “If we meet again, can Max accompany me on my Tour.”