The digitalization will make life easier for farmers

Farmers can obtain subsidies and preferential loans electronically. The agriculture Ministry simplifies procedure for filing documents, now it can be done through a digital service, which is tied to the portal.

the name Itself Udmurt — strawberries — even in the region have aroused local skepticism: the latitude is not suitable for growing such grapes. The risks are high. In practice it turned out that nothing ventured, with five acres of harvest are unlikely to collect.

a farm Irina Averianova, and in fact, a family row, he started with two. Plans to expand the field. In the past year, the farm received a grant from the Ministry of agriculture in three million roubles. However, the design of such subsidies, and waiting for results can take weeks.

“the Difficulty was that for a long time to collect the documents – a week, two and more. We collect the package on the list, brought waiting . Time is running out, don’t know, approved, not approved”, — says the businessman Irina Averianova.

to Save time of the farmers and to simplify the procedure of submission of documents — the task already more than one year stood in front of the Ministry of agriculture. Now the solution was found through the creation of information system of digital services APK.

Subsidies, grants, preferential loans and leases in the near future it will be possible to issue paperless – electronically, on a platform that is integrated with the Unified portal of public services.

“2022 75 per cent subsidy and half concessional loans will be issued in electronic form. Providing support will be reduced by a month. Savings amount to 674 million rubles annually, and total costs of farmers will be reduced three times”, — said the Director of the Department of Informatization of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Arkhipov.

to Reduce time and cost and increase profit — this is exactly what is the aim of the digitalization APK, new Agrotrade. The key objective of the project – make support easier and more transparent.

users of the new digital ecosystem will be the financial institutions, the agribusiness management bodies and, most importantly, farmers and other agricultural producers.

“If the farmer is in the database of the departments, it will be automatically submitted to the system without having to re-enter”, — said General Director of “FORS — development centre” Evgenii Efimenko.

Until the end of 2020 will be a functionality of the information system and at the beginning of 2021 will be experienced operating in nine pilot regions with a gradual connection of the other regions of the country. In the end, it is expected that its users will be more than 100 thousand of agricultural producers. In addition, in the electronic form will be issued and support under the new national program “Integrated development of rural areas”. This means that the system will make life easier for not only to farmers but to millions of rural residents.