The disease swimmer's: what are the dangers of swimming in a pond with ducks

the Ornithologist told the consequences for a person swimming in a pond with wild birds. Candidate of biological Sciences Vladimir Romanov explained that lovers of splash in a pond with ducks or swans are in danger of getting parasites.

In hot weather I want to go swimming, but in Moscow, for example, in most reservoirs swimming is prohibited, and the ban should be taken seriously. From living there birds can catch cercariae parasites, whose larvae penetrate the skin, leading to irritation and dermatitis.

“It’s called a “disease of the swimmer” or “swimmers itch”. Its caused by parasites living mainly on the beaks of ducks,” – said the Novels “Moscow 24”.

According to the ornithologist, if after swimming you feel itching, you should take an antihistamine, if symptoms do not disappear, you need to consult a doctor.

fortunately, skin parasites – the only danger posed to humans by wild birds. At least those that live in the Metropolitan area.

Earlier, the doctor Alexander Myasnikov in the broadcast channel “Russia-1” told, can be dangerous to humans insect bites. According to him, mosquitos can also be carriers of parasites and caterpillars of butterflies cause an allergic reaction.