The divers took out of the Volga river the body of a previously missing 9-year-old boy

In the Rybinsk district completed the search for a missing 9-year-old boy. The divers took out his body the Volga. Signs of violent death were found.

Recall that the boy disappeared the day before, June 21. He was vacationing with his mother and sister on the beach Strumming on the Volga river in Rybinsk. Relatives raised the alarm when it is not found the child next. They immediately called the police. In search of advanced, in addition to police officers, rescuers, volunteers and criminologists of the Investigative Committee. The disappearance of the man opened a criminal case.

As reported by state television and radio company “Yaroslavia”, transmission on TV channel “Russia 1”, the divers conducting the search on the water day on 22 June found the boy’s body. Now investigators find out the circumstances of the tragedy.

Text: state television and radio company “Yaroslavia”