The doctor told me what kind of chocolate you need to eat to not get fat

Often those with a sweet tooth is threatened by excess weight. During the isolation against the backdrop of a coronavirus pandemic was gaining weight, eating sweets, stress, or eating them just from boredom.

As told the TV channel “Russia 1” the doctor of medical Sciences Tatyana Shapovalenko, the world health organization (who) has set the daily intake of sugar at 50 grams per day. It is 10 teaspoons. The average Russian for a year eats 35 pounds of sugar – that’s 20 teaspoons a day, that is twice the norm.

Experts stress: excess sugar consumption leads to weight gain faster than eating fat.

“Use this amount of sugar, of course, leads to the development of diabetes, to obesity, atherosclerosis and all the problems associated with these diseases”, – said the doctor.

But can the sweets be? For example, some experts point out the benefits of chocolate. This is partly true: chocolate can be beneficial, but not everyone.

“chocolate Milk is the most nutritious. And it contains very little cocoa beans, and contains a very large amount of sugar and milk fat. Dark chocolate with sugar – slightly less, 590 calories, in contrast to 600 milk chocolate,” – said Shapovalenko.

Half the calories in chocolate with reduced calories: 290-300 on 10 grams of product. In addition, there is chocolate generally without sugar.

Experts say that people with diabetes have to forget about the usual chocolate.

“a Large intake of sugar, especially if a family has cases of diabetes, do lead to the development of diabetes, the doctor stated. But if the chocolate does not contain sugar, it has a high glycemic index and, accordingly, it is possible to use for people with diabetes”.

by the Way, those who are using chocolate trying to cheer myself up, should also pay attention to dark chocolate without sugar.

“Chocolate contains the amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan is just involved in the synthesis of the so-called hormone of happiness – serotonin, – said the doctor. – In addition chocolate contains potassium and magnesium, which is also anti-stress substance and, most importantly, chocolate contains vitamins that are exactly the same prescribed for depression”.

In a day is recommended to eat 50 grams of chocolate – half of a tile.

it Should be noted that cacao beans of which make everyone’s favorite treat, have good antioxidant properties. The more the tiles the cocoa content, the better.

“Antioxidants needed for various organs and systems. And, by the way, during coronavirus infection in all patients, we recommended the use of antioxidants,” said Shapovalenko.

Earlier it was reported that Spanish doctors included dark chocolate in the list of foods that help the body fight viruses.