The doctors purchased a 78 kilograms of red caviar to feed patients

the Voronezh regional hospital purchased 78 kilograms of red caviar at the expense of compulsory medical insurance. The contract health care institution has placed on the portal of public procurement. Unusual sale are not left without attention of the regional mass media.

78 kilograms of delicacy cost the medical institution of 261 thousand rubles. Many suspect doctors to purchase caviar for your new year corporate party. While in a medical facility explained that such a treat was intended for patients of the regional hospital — supposedly they were fed three sumptuous breakfasts.

the chief Physician of regional hospital №1 Victor Verikovsky said that the purchase of caviar took place in the framework of the overall procurement more than 2.7 million rubles. There were vegetables, legumes, fish, condensed milk. Head of medical institution noted that 261 thousand — the sum rather big, but it is not the biggest figure among all food GTRK “Voronezh”.

Patients Maria and Dmitry Coldwave confirmed that they were treated to caviar. Of course, they were surprised such a delicacy in the hospital, because usually Breakfast was served cheese. But patients explained that comes New year’s. Coldwave jokingly said that if the diet added black caviar, it would be all right.

Festive sandwiches fed patients from 18 to 20 December. According to the regional health Department, red caviar in diet the medical establishment practiced since 2012.