The doctors told how to make cellulite noticeable

the TV channel “Russia 1” dermatologist, candidate of medical Sciences Lyudmila Smirnova and other experts discussed the problem that affects practically all women.

This cellulite, or more precisely, lipodystrophy, explain the doctors. To a greater or lesser extent, it is almost all women, and this is due to several factors. It may be hereditary, and the condition of a hormonal background (moreover, it is necessary to take into account as sex hormones and thyroid hormones).

the Pancreas is also affected this because she is the main supplier of fat cells after processed sugar, said the expert. To lipodystrophy can result and the use of hormonal contraceptives.

What factor caused the appearance of cellulite is turns out is always individual.

Experts say that to get rid of cellulite completely is impossible, but it is possible to reduce significantly this cosmetic defect.

First of all, a healthy diet: reduce intake of carbohydrates, to add to the diet more vegetables, animal fats replaced by vegetable, do not forget about seaweed, and meat to give preference to lean beef, chicken and Turkey.

however, experts warn against fashionable protein diet, which, according to them, will lead to the aggravation or development of a huge number of diseases.

remember to drink plenty of water and not to forget about exercise, to have normal blood circulation, including in subcutaneous adipose tissue.

with regard to all kinds of anti-cellulite massages, sponges, creams, and lotions, and they are able to have an effect.

However, say the experts, all this must be done in the complex and regularly, otherwise if the effect appears temporary.

“All you need to do in the complex, and we need to get used to the fact that a good skin condition, the absence of lipodystrophy is primarily the mode and regularity. It is necessary to maintain" says Dr. Smirnov.