The DPRK in the New year promised to introduce a new strategic weapon

North Korean Leader Kim Jong UN said that his country will soon introduce a new strategic weapons.

He did not name exact date, explaining that this will happen in the near future. Also, Kim Jong-UN warned that the country will continue to work on such weapons until then, until the US gives up its hostile against the Pyongyang policy, reports RIA Novosti.

he added that he sees no reason to continue the moratorium on testing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

In the dialogue on nuclear disarmament between the DPRK and the U.S. while the impasse: in the course of business consultations in Sweden in early October, the North Korean delegation left the meeting place, announcing the failure of negotiations due to the fact that the United States came to them with “empty hands”. USA, in turn, described the talks as good with a number of new “creative ideas”.

December 8: U.S. President Donald trump said he did not believe in the hostile intentions of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN and reminded that he and Kim signed a binding agreement on the denuclearization of, and suggested that the North Korean leader is not interested in how to “reset” their special relationship with the US President.