The Duma Commission on ethics will discuss the distribution Zhirinovsky money

the Head of the state Duma Commission on parliamentary ethics Otari Arshba has commented on the statements of Vladimir Zhirinovsky in red square. The leader of the liberal democratic party during the new year holidays actively attending fairs and places of festivities.

the day Before he talked to Muscovites and tourists on the red square. Many people who have learned Zhirinovsky, approached him to be photographed and took autographs.

In honor of the New year and coming Christmas Zhirinovsky began to distribute to passersby a thousand rubles for gifts, and then bought the tent pasties and began to treat the willing.

“children, the disabled, who else? Orphans, serfs, and slaves”, — RIA Novosti quoted Zhirinovsky at the time of distribution the audience thousandths of notes.

According to the head of the Duma Commission on ethics, the question about the statements of LDPR leader there will be able to study not earlier than January 13, when MPs return to work in the capital. “We will after the holidays. Now no one,” said Arshba.