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“Conduct.Science” for the first time sent a request for participation in the award and was in the shortlist nomination “Best scientific edition” together with respected competitors: the popular science publication “N+1″and version “Science TASS”. The winner was the editor of “Science TASS”. We congratulate our colleagues with a victory!

Recall that the all-Russian prize “For devotion to science” was established by the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation in 2014 to encourage popularizers, journalists, academics and representatives of businesses that have made the most important contribution to the development of Russian science and its coverage.

We are incredibly pleased and it is important that our years of work in the field of scientific journalism was appreciated by the experts. Recall that the category of “Science” first appeared on the website Вести.Ru in 2011, and since then constantly developed and improved.

We will continue to highlight the most important scientific research and open, without changing the quality of its publications.

the editorial office of was nominated for the award for loyalty to science 1Photo Julia Rudy/News.Science.

this year for the prize was submitted 312 applications, a third of which were competitive projects from the Russian regions.

the experts evaluated the applications for 11 categories, covering all aspects of dissemination of science.

Some of the nominations were submitted this year for the first time. This is the “Best scientific edition”, “Best media project of the national project “SCIENCE” and “Student media project about the science.”

the editorial office of was nominated for the award for loyalty to science 2Photo Julia Rudy/News.Science.

the Best periodical printed publication of science this year admitted the popular science magazine “world of science”.

In the category of “Cool science” was the project a “great scholar.”

Best project on the science of social networks have recognized the community of “Open space”.

In the nomination “Best TV/radio project on science” the victory won the program “is Not a fact!”, TV channel “Science.”

We did more than 20 episodes of the project “Not a fact”. This is a really good video. Now TV is opposed to social media and digital. This is not so. Editors and bloggers are not the enemies. We all work with the audience, and now the channel “Science” number of viewers on TV approximately equal to the number of viewers on the Internet. You cannot be in one place, you need to be there, that’s what we do,” said Grigory Kovbasyuk, General Director of TV channel “Science.”

the editorial office of was nominated for the award for loyalty to science 3Photo Julia Rudy/News.Science.

Soviet and Russian scientist-zoologist and biogeographer, Professor of geography faculty of MSU named after M. V. Lomonosov, host of the television show “animal world”, the traveler and the man who without a doubt made many of us admire science, Nikolai Drozdov was awarded a special honorary award for his long contribution to the popularization of science on television.

the editorial office of was nominated for the award for loyalty to science 4Photo Julia Rudy/News.Science.

Project “Microhistory” was the best children’s project on science.

the Project “CyberLink” won in the nomination “the Best online project on science”.

the Best photo project about science recognized the photo contest “take Off your science!”.

the editorial office of was nominated for the award for loyalty to science 5Photo Julia Rudy/News.Science.

the Winner of the nomination “the Best popular science project of the year” became the festival “Science Bar Hopping”.

the Best media project of the national project “SCIENCE” called #the National project “Science”, Indicator.Ru.

the editorial office of was nominated for the award for loyalty to science 6Photo Julia Rudy/News.Science.

In nomination “Student media project on science” the victory was won by the project “Science in the Urals”.

Presenting the award, President of the Russian Academy of education Yury p. Zinchenko thought about the publications that he himself made all the soul to love science. For example, he mentioned the first popular children’s encyclopedia in 20 volumes, which is subscribed to parents magazine “quantum”, “Chemistry and life”. It once again speaks about the importance of popularization of science among children.

the editorial office of was nominated for the award for loyalty to science 7Photo Julia Rudy/News.Science.

we Add that the members of the expert Council of the award became known to scientists and popularisers of science. Among them – academician of RAS Leo Green; Professor, SKOLKOVO Institute of science and technology, Professor, Russian Academy of Sciences Artem Oganov; corresponding member of the RAS Askold Ivanchik; Vice-President of “Russian chemical society named after D. I. Mendeleev”, corresponding member of RAS Yulia Gorbunova and other prominent figures of science.

To participate in the competition were invited to the media reporters and photographers covering the development of Russian science, scientists and business representatives who have made a significant contribution to support the prestige of professional scientific activities and promote domestic scientific achievements.

the founder of the Award “For loyalty to science” is organized by the Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation. Partners of the event – the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation, Moscow state University imeni M. V. Lomonosova, the Russian Academy of Sciences and Charity Foundation Alisher Usmanov “the Art, science and sport”. The Foundation is a traditional partner of the Award, supporting one of the priority directions of activity – popularization of scientific achievements.

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