Which profession suits which school graduates? What career and development opportunities provide training or study? This is a question all students and parents, at the latest, when the school moves to completion and the charges still have no idea which profession best suits your own inclinations and talents.

high school graduates and specialized high school students prefer a training, often a course of study. There are good reasons to take a closer look to the currently well over 3,000 training offered to throw in professions, and to discover the own Strengths, abilities, and goals.

Seven reasons for a course of training

in addition to the qualifications for a successful Start in the world of work a vocational education and training to decide some other good reasons for the same:

1. Career

You should be aware of the fact that vocational training is never a cul-de-SAC. With a dual training, you can climb the career ladder as far as you want it. This is, in any case, the guarantee for a flexible career in design and opens a lot of perspectives. Among other things, by numerous training opportunities. To start, the way later, a study is possible, because with an education, and a master’s examination, graduates are also admitted without a high school diploma.

2. Security

according to forecasts, a few hundred missing in Bavaria in the coming years, thousands of qualified professionals. An education is the best protection against unemployment. With a career choice a Foundation for an enduring career will be placed in life.

3. Self-determination

another reason is the compensation of the training. With the first salary, the first financial independence from the parental house and, therefore, the first step in a self-determined life is done.


A choice of profession in Bavaria is the ideal Start to a fulfilling career, as the business location of Bavaria enjoys international popularity. Many training facilities offer the best opportunities in the Region.

5. Theory and practice

In the case of a dual vocational education and training in both the head and the hands are required. You do not learn his profession, not only theoretically, but in the connections and can implement what they have learned in practice.

6. Working with colleagues inspires

A degree can be pretty anonymous. Many first-semester students feel at the beginning of the study left alone and are overwhelmed by the organization. In training, the instructor takes care of the Trainee and the experienced colleagues teach you a lot. The tasks and activities are clearly outlined. Quickly trainees are involved in specific projects.

7. Apprentices can be used on the Job

stand the test While students in accordance with the degree in business must prove successful trainees of the change in the profession much. Your skills are immediately used where they are needed. A absolute development thrust of the change from school to the world of work: trainees learn to take responsibility and learn on their tasks.