The eldest son of former hockey player Sokolova killed a mother in a deranged condition, he was sent to a mental hospital

Wife of the former hockey player Maxim Sokolov killed her son in a deranged state. The corresponding conclusion did the investigation. Currently, boyfriend charged with murder and attempted murder of two persons.

the Tragic incident occurred on 13 June 2019 in one of the houses of the New village of Romanovka (Leningrad oblast). At the scene the body was discovered by Irina Sokolova. Her 18-year-old son was hospitalized in serious condition. Initially, the investigators suspected in the incident youngest son of ex-hockey player, but then the prosecution presented senior. According to investigators, after the murder of a young man to have inflicted multiple cuts with a knife, to confuse the investigation.

On the website of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation reported that the accused took a knife and stabbed at least 33 times in the region of the neck of his mother. The woman died at the scene. Then 18-year-old boy came into the bedroom of 15-year-old brother and at least twenty times, stabbed him in the area of vital organs, and also tried to strangle her. The victim managed to run out of the house and seek help from neighbors.

during the investigation, according to the office, found the defendant’s mental illness. The son of former hockey player requires compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital. Criminal case is directed to court, that he decided the question of the application to him of coercive measures of a medical nature.

Earlier investigation suggested that the murder was committed by a younger brother, because to do that it could push envy to the older. During the investigation of a crime the teenager was even placed in jail.