The electronic voting system ready to hacker attacks

Public headquarters for the monitoring and surveillance of the national vote on Sunday reported a regular mode of operation of the system of electronic remote voting. As told the representative of the headquarters in Moscow, Alexander Asaph, Saturday’s attempt by attackers to penetrate the system through the computer observer was tracked and stopped. No manipulation of the vote by an attacker could not take place.

“the System has proved effective, the attackers failed to affect either the course or the outcome of the vote,” — said Alexander Asaph.

In the next remote access to the observer is restored, and voting was not interrupted.

As reported Asaph voting system during the testing phase checked for all possible types of attacks. According to the results it has become resistant to such attempts, said the representative of the headquarters.

on Sunday, a DDoS attack from UK and Singapore on the website Конституция2020.of the Russian Federation are fixed in the morning. As reported in the CEC of Russia, 26 June, hackers attacked the web page of the Central election Commission.

According to the latest data, the turnout in e-voting on the amendments to the Constitution in Moscow exceeded 78 percent. All-Russian voting will take place from 25 June to 1 July.