The end of 2019: the curious cases of medical practice

All of us one way or another deal with doctors, care about their health and watching the news in the field of medicine. Perhaps that is why unusual and strange medical stories make many people a keen interest. In 2019 there were many, and the editors of “Vesti.Science” told about the most interesting of them. We offer you to recall the most memorable events of practical medicine, 2019.

no pain, No fear

In March, scientists told an unusual story plaid Joe Cameron. 71-year-old woman was completely immune to pain. She felt no burns, breaks and never used anesthesia during dental procedures. When doctors examined a unique patient, then it turned out that she also showed the lowest score in the psychological tests for anxiety.

One day, moving painful surgery unusual patient was very surprised by anesthesiologists that the pain after surgery.

the Reason for the exceptional durability ladies lay in two rather unusual DNA mutations. Working “in collaboration”, they gave a resident of Scotland superpower not to feel the pain and almost never worrying.

Joe Cameron (right), her mother and husband.Photo Jo Cameron/UCL.

When the erection problem is

in the Summer of 2019 British urologists reported in a scientific article about an extraordinary case from the practice. After falling off the moped a young man could not get rid of an erection in the course of nine days.

a Piquant complication developed because of damage to the penile tissues. As a result, the body is continuously supplied with an excess amount of arterial blood.

However, a year after the implementation of a very simple medical intervention, the British reported full recovery of their sexual function.

the Fall of a man with a moped resulted in his nine-day erection.Photo Global Look Press.

the Complacency of the year

the Next case was struck halfway around the world an unprecedented degree of neglect of the disease that baffled even seasoned professionals.

a Native of Panama, was hospitalized in critical condition with signs of gangrene of the scrotum. As it turned out, the young man was suffering from huge pain and tight swelling for many years. As a result, his genitals had lost all semblance of normal anatomy, turned into a huge festering mass.

the Cause of the problem was untreated parasitic disease. But doctors do not knowingly eat their own bread: after multiple reconstruction surgeries Panamanian fully recovered and returned to normal.

a CT scan, which is visible giant overgrown scrotum and also a massive hernia patient from Panama.Illustration Katherine Dowd et al./Urology Case Reports.

Fatal beauty

Last summer, American toxicologists found in blood serum incredible concentration of mercury exceeding norm by 500 times. The young woman admitted weakness, impaired vision and speech, pain throughout the body.

To the surprise of experts, the source of chronic poisoning with the dangerous connection has been whitening cream for face. The time of treatment in the hospital the patient used it constantly for seven years.

unfortunately, in their pursuit of excellence 47-year-old American had to pay health and even their ability to self.

Seven years of using regular cream forever deprived of a woman’s health.Photo from

the embryo in the Embryo

When to the doctors of all India Institute of medical Sciences turned 17-year-old girl complained to a shapeless mass in his abdomen, the pain and inability to eat properly, doctors suspected that the patient has a tumor.

However, the survey revealed that the experts were faced with a rare case called fetus in fetus. During development in the womb Indian “absorbed” his failed twin, and all 17 years have worn it in my body.

Doctors have successfully uninstalled your education, consisting of hair, bone and teeth. Two years after surgery, the girl recovered and is feeling well.

computed tomography of the fetus in the fetus.Photo Kumar, et al (BMJ Case Reports).

Blue bloods

this year U.S. experts said a very rare side effect of using anesthetic. Benzocaine dyed the blood of a young woman in a blue color.

it Happened due to the formation of abnormally large amounts of a special form of hemoglobin. It forms a strong bond with oxygen, and very reluctantly gives his tissues. This is a potentially life-threatening condition “strangles” people from the inside, causing oxygen deprivation and fatigue.

fortunately, the diagnosis is unusual, the patient was delivered on time. Modern medicine knows how to treat them, and the American quickly gone on the amendment.

the Blue blood of a young patient.Photo Otis U. Warren, Benjamin Blackwood (New England Journal of Medicine).

Threat run

68-year-old Dianne Travers Gustafson during normal Jogging are faced with a swarm of flies. Some time later, the woman felt pain in the eye. During the inspection specialists discovered in this four round wormth.

the Culprit was found quickly. The parasite, usually living in the body of cattle, managed to postpone the flies “attacking” a woman while playing sports.

fortunately, this variety of worm is unable to develop into an adult in the human body. Admirer active lifestyle completely got rid of so unexpected and avoid developing any complications.

Usually these worms infect cattle.Photo CDC.

Deadly bed

Another medical puzzle he had to unravel doctors from the Royal infirmary of Aberdeen. They asked a young man suffering from unexplained weakness, shortness of breath and dizziness.

Doctors revealed the patient has signs of severe pneumonia. The disease is seemingly quite normal. However, it provoked a very rare hypersensitivity reaction to the bird’s feathers, which were stuffed with fresh bedding of the sick.

an Unusual story ended quite happily. A few months after this course of treatment the man recovered fully and feels good.

In rare cases, a severe allergic reaction occurs when inhalation of organic dust with duck or goose feathers in down bedding.Photo Global Look Press.

to Get a dog and die

Last fall, one of the inhabitants of Germany were the symptoms of ordinary flu. However, a few days later, the discomfort was joined by a rash, severe pain in the body and signs of internal bleeding.

Doctors have suspected men sepsis, however, in spite of prescribed treatment as the 63-year-old patient was rapidly deteriorating, and to save him, unfortunately, failed.

Poiski causes of the mysterious condition brought scientists to a pet patient. The causative agent of the disease was usually harmless, the bacteria in dog saliva. Experts have found that a few weeks before the onset of symptoms of disease pet licked man. But this act of tenderness the dog caused the death of the owner.

Right hand of the patient a week after symptoms of the infection.Photo Mader et al., EJCRIM, 2019.

I, but not I

And finally, the story of an American man who recovered from acute myeloid leukemia. She was interested not only doctors, but also forensic experts.

a Man who had undergone bone marrow transplantation, was partially stripped of its own genetic information. A coincidence led to the fact that his friends compared the genetic test results men before and after transplantation of bone marrow from donor (thus the patient was cured from the leukemia).

it is Easy to imagine the surprise of the patient when the tests showed that the male semen contains only DNA for the bone marrow donor. No sign of his own genetic material was found. Case extremely intrigued specialists. The causes of the mysterious “spoofing” is still being investigated.

bone marrow Transplantation caused a previously unknown side effect, replacing the DNA of the sperm of the recipient to the donor.Illustration from the website

the authors of the project “Conduct.Science” ( will continue to tell about the most interesting and unusual events in the world of medicine and in the coming year. Stay tuned for new content and be healthy!

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