The EU is not ready to opening of the borders to the Russians

the European Union is preparing a list of countries for whose citizens the boundaries of the community will open on 1 July. However, Russia is unlikely to be included in this list because of the situation with the spread of the coronavirus, told TASS in Brussels, a source in the delegation of one of the EU member States.

“the Epidemiological situation in Russia does not allow us to include it in the first list of countries. And that’s fine, as the virus began to spread there later than in European countries”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

however, he noted that the list will be regularly reviewed and updated.

an Earlier edition of the New York Times reported that the EU consider the possibility of temporarily refusing entry into its territory of citizens of Russia, USA and Brazil.

as of 26 June, all the time of a pandemic in Russia was 620 794 cases COVID-19. 384 152 persons have recovered totally, 8 781 the patient died. The number of new cases per day continues to decline steadily.