The European winter is Crimean: Moscow covered with snow

the Crimean winter in Moscow will be replaced by European. This was told by the leading specialist of the Center weather PHOBOS Eugene Tiscover.

In the first half of winter in the capital was a record thaw that had undermined the snow. This week will begin to form a steady snow cover, which will be 7-12 inches. However, this is more than two times below the norm, according to RIA Novosti.

Thursday’s weather will be cloudy in the first half of the day will be wet snow, which will subside by evening. In the coming days the day temperature will be about 0 degrees, at night the temperature will drop and by Sunday will reach minus 7 degrees Celsius.

according to “Russia 24”, a paradoxical situation weather: in St. Petersburg snow is completely melted, and in the Rostov region in places for the day were almost 20 cm of snow (so much snow normally accumulates there only at the end of January).

In some areas of Tver, Smolensk, Moscow and Bryansk regions is not excluded freezing rain. But the sky over the vast territory from the Russian North to the southern Russian steppes would be covered mostly snow clouds.
Such conditions will contribute to a gradual accumulation of snow and the drifts where now they only dream of.

the Old New year, nature will try to rehabilitate after melonie. Thoroughly sweep the Kalmyk steppe. And in the center of Russia, the height of the snow cover may increase by 10-15 centimeters, is about as grow drifts on the Middle Volga.