the head of the Commission of the Federation Council Alexei Pushkov commented on the words of the former commander of the land forces of the USA in Europe General Ben Hodges of belonging of the Crimea Russia. The statement of Hodges that to Catherine II of Russia in the Crimea was not, the Senator recalled: then there was no Ukraine, and Crimea couldn’t be Ukrainian. And the United States in 1783 was only a narrow strip of land along the Atlantic — all the rest seized later.

“Let’s return Texas to Mexico”, — concluded the gun.

Later, he lamented the fact that so many “do not understand the meaning, without a sense of humor and in all seriousness are discussing the offer to return Texas to Mexico”. It’s a deliberately absurd proposal, according to him, nothing more than a response to the absurd talk about “Ukrainian Crimea”.

the head of the Committee of the Parliament of Crimea on issues of public diplomacy and international relations Yuriy gempel called on the authorities and politicians of the United States to cease to multiply the myths around the Peninsula, trying to impugn his Russian status. Crimea returned to Russia in a referendum, through which the Peninsula has been subjected to repression by Kiev, said the MP. However, the fact of the transfer of Crimea to Ukraine, he said, raises many questions.

HEMPEL also rejected the suggestion of General Hodges on the claims of Russia on the southern Ukraine. Russia he doesn’t claim, he said.

“the Donetsk and Lugansk — this is an internal problem of Kiev. They actually left the Ukraine for the bungling of the Kiev authorities, who unleashed a civil war,” said Crimean Deputy RIA Novosti.

again Crimea became a Russian region on the basis of a referendum held after a coup in Ukraine in 2014.