The ex-accountant of the

To two years three months in a General regime colony sentenced Meshchansky court of Moscow ex-accountant, “the Seventh Studio” Nina Masleeva. She was found guilty of fraud on the part of 4 articles 159 of the Criminal code of Russia. Court in by sentence read out time finding Massieu detention and house arrest. As a result, she is exempted from punishment.

“the Sentence part of the sentence for execution is not cause”, —said in the verdict, the judge of Anna’s Juice.

the Case of Nina Malavoy were considered separately because it is the only admitted his guilt. Maslyaeva the accountant was founded by Director Kirill Serebrennikov Autonomous non-commercial organization (ANO) “the Seventh Studio”. Her testimony formed the basis of the criminal case against the other defendants. Nina Maslyaeva made a deal with the investigation, which investigated the abduction of almost 129 million euros, “the Seventh Studio” by grant of the Ministry of culture to implement the project on promotion and development of contemporary art “Platform” by Kirill Serebrennikov. Ex-accountant has twice acted as a witness in the case. But it is nothing specific to inform the court about the theft of 129 million report couldn’t. But he pleaded guilty to receiving a salary in the amount of 5 million rubles, and in writing the bogus reports on the activities of the ANO and the cash received on account of the “Seventh Studio” money.

petty-bourgeois court sentenced Serebrennikov to three years of imprisonment conditionally. Also it imposed a penalty of 800 thousand rubles. Former General producer of the “Seventh Studio” and eks-the General Director of “Gogol-center” Alexey Malopolski sentenced to two years conditionally with the penalty in 300 thousand roubles, and the ex-CEO of ANO and former Director of the Yaroslavl theatre named after F. G. Volkov Yuriy Itin received three years ‘ probation and a fine of 200 thousand rubles.

128 million 974 thousand 690 rubles at the suit of the Ministry of culture of Russia will be jointly charged with Massieu, Serebrennikov, Malopolskeand itina.

Another defendant in the case – former head of the Department of state support of art and folk creativity Ministry of culture of Russia, Director of the Russian academic youth theatre (RAMT) Sophia Apfelbaum was sentenced to the penalty in 100 thousand roubles for negligence. She, as well as Masliaev, exempted from punishment. But unlike Massieu with the expiry of the limitation period of bringing to responsibility. Claims to the Ministry of culture Sofia Apfelbaum dismissed. Kirill Serebrennikov was dissatisfied with the decision of the court. He promised to appeal it.