The exchange price of gasoline AI-95 has updated the record

Exchange price of gasoline AI-95 updated historical record on Friday, June 26. The price of AI-92 after a few records earlier in June and may, remains near the previous record high on June 18. The beginning of the holiday season and car travel have increased the demand and prices at the gas station.

the Price of gasoline AI-95 at the St. Petersburg international Mercantile exchange (SPIMEX) June 26, Friday reached the first mark 57,434 thousand rubles per ton (+1.3 percent to close Thursday), according to trading on a national index (reflects the weighted average price of petroleum products to all major refineries in Russia). Gasoline AI-92 rose by 0.3% to 50,463 thousand rubles per ton.

From the beginning of may, the beginning of the lifting of restrictions in the regions, AI-95 increased by almost 20 percent, AI—92 – on 10 percent.

thus, according to CDU-TEK (.pdf) on June 21, prices at filling stations in the Central region are growing at around 15 kopecks for AI-92 and AI-95 on average. In the North-West region more expensive gasoline faster — about 30 cents. In the South, gasoline is expensive even noticeable – for 50 cents, and in the Crimea and Sevastopol, the cost of petrol increased by 1.2-1.5 rubles per liter, AI-95, and a liter of AI-92 has risen in price by 50 cents.

the Prices grew rapidly in the previous week: stock prices of gasoline AI-95 and AI-92 at the same time updated historical record on Thursday 18 June.

the price of Russian oil remains high, but the country reduces the supply of oil abroad.

the rising cost of fuel in Russia resulted in a sharp increase in demand because of the surge in transport activity after removal of quarantine restrictions in the country. During the quarantine in Russia decreased fuel consumption by 40-50%. This led to a decrease in the production of gasoline in Russia in April for the first time on 10%. Fuel production recovers in June to the level of June last year. The exports of petroleum products will be reduced, and the supply of the domestic market will increase noted earlier the energy Ministry.

the causes of the rise in price of gasoline — damping mechanism, reducing the required volume of gasoline sales on the stock exchange and the ban of the import fuel into the country. These restrictions were imposed on the quarantine period to support the oil companies.