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currently, the entire civilized world took the conspiracy theory about the mass chipping of people through vaccination. The TV channel “Russia 1” the Chairperson of the Advisory Board of the Center for health development “SKOLKOVO” Yury Krestinsky told about the real possibility of its implementation and the involvement of Microsoft founder bill gates.

“today, this technology is, fortunately, missing. Technically, until science allows us to enter into the body of the chip, giving the opportunity for a long time to track all human activities. But it is possible that someday it will happen,” — said Krestinsky.

According to experts, there already exists technology that allows a short period to monitor certain physiological parameters of the person and transfer this information to devices that are close. Nobody likes a situation where his every move and action will be controlled, Krestinsky is sure. So many people are afraid that they will be installed chip. “People’s fears are understandable, but they were tied up with the name of bill gates, probably because he does it” — suggested a specialist, assuring that it is hardly a great scientist pursues some selfish goals.

“All charges associated with the simultaneous vaccination and chip implantation are the result of psychosis caused by prolonged isolation. People have a fear of the possibility of total surveillance,” said Krestinsky.

however, many people, for example, in Sweden voluntarily inserted itself subcutaneous chips as Pets, allowing to identify the person. “It’s kind of sewn into the hand credit card”, — said Yuriy Krestinskiy.
In conclusion, the specialist said he wouldn’t do: “People have mixed two stories: the chips and vaccines. I certainly don’t want a secret from me, something was injected and followed mnOh.”

Since the beginning of the epidemic of coronavirus in social networks and Internet media appeared rumors that the bill gates Foundation wants to use the vaccine against infection for the chipping and global surveillance of the people. The money of the gates Foundation in 2018-2019 accounted for nearly 10 percent of the budget of the world health organization. The Fund finances research of medicines and vaccines.