The expert said that Ephraim is threatened in case of refusal to admit guilt

on Friday, July 3, it became known that Mikhail Efremov allegedly refused to admit guilt in a fatal accident. That threatens the actor in case of his denial to those involved, said the Chairman of the all-Russian movement “a Strong Russia” Anton Tsvetkov.

According to the statesman, the actions of Ephraim’s either a bad joke or inappropriate attempt to evade responsibility. Flowers noted that the denial of the plea may lead to a more severe punishment for the artist, but also to a more negative attitude in society. The Chairman of a “Strong Russia” drew attention to the fact that the posted video clearly shows all the actions of Michael Ephraim, and his involvement in the incident is not in doubt.

Anton Tsvetkov believes that the court should treat defendants who recognize their guilt and repent. The action instance can be tougher on those who are trying to lie and deny the obvious. The statesman noted that if the application of Ephraim is not just a foolish fantasy of a lawyer, he was disappointed in the artist, even more than after the incident of the accident.

the Fatal accident occurred on June 8 at the Garden ring. Problem: while driving car in a drunken state, drove into the oncoming lane, where it crashed into the van Lada. His driver suffered serious injuries, in which he died. Currently, the artist is under house arrest.