The expert - the violation of laws of the Russian social network Twitter

the Foundation to protect national values told how violates the rights of Russian users, the administration of Twitter. There was a speech about political censorship, about the spread of misinformation, and violation of Russian laws.

the Foundation’s President noted that Russia ranks third by the number of Twitter users, the company is not registered in our country.

“We have to talk about the need for Russia to cut the technological umbilical cord of dependence”, — said Alexander Malkevich, the President of Fund of protection of national values, the Chairman of the Commission on development of information community, media and mass communications of the Russian Public chamber.

In this regard, it is impossible not to welcome delivered yesterday, as I recall, the news that the Russian content producers for the Internet will be allocated 3 billion; that was sounded by Sergey Kirienko,” said Alexander Malkevich. And we intend next year to actively interact with the government, seeking attention and resources on technological development of the country.”