The famous horses Klodt on the Anichkov bridge haunt the vandals

Anichkov bridge in St. Petersburg once again became the victim of an attack by vandals. Unknown broke a sculpture of one of the horses of Peter Karlovich Klodt. Police have started search for the attackers.

according to GTRK “Saint Petersburg”, damaged one of the four sculptures of the world famous creations. Perhaps the company intended to take pictures on the monument of the XIX century, but the bronze horse the reins broke down and exploded. In General, added to the extraordinary work of the conservators.

This is not the first case of damage of the monument. The famous horses Klodt on the Anichkov bridge went in April last year. Sculpture straddled the girl, according to witnesses, drunk. Passers-by were outraged by the events, tried to get the ladies off the monument, but in reply heard only swearing. A year earlier, a drunken man saddled the famous sculpture on the Anichkov bridge.

Text: GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”