The famous mountaineer Oksana Stefanyshyna planted the flag on the mountain Achishkho

to Pay tribute to the fallen soldiers in the battle for the Caucasus. A group of athletes today have set the flag of Sochi on the mountain Achishkho and the guys hoisted the flag raised in 1945 by red Army soldiers on the Reichstag building.

Note that led the Patriotic group the famous mountaineer, winner of the women’s world record for the ascent of Elbrus Oksana Stefanyshyna.

As reported by “Vesti Sochi” the report on the TV channel “Russia 1” said that the battle for the Caucasus is considered one of the largest in the great Patriotic war. It is on the pass of the Main Caucasian ridge was a line of defense. So athletes have risen to a height of 2391 meters above sea level to commemorate the victims.

Text: state television and radio company “Vesti Sochi”