The farewell ceremony with Soleimani was headed by Ayatollah Khamenei

the Ceremony of farewell with the General Soleimani, who died in the missile strike, the US, headed by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, reports Reuters. It is noted that in a ceremony also attended by the President of Iran Hasan Ruhani.

the Iranian senior military Qasem Soleimani was killed on Friday, January 3, the operation of fixing was carried out in Iraq in Baghdad airport by the us military on the orders of President trump. According to the American administration, the operation was defensive in nature, as were aimed to protect American military personnel stationed in the middle East. Later, Khamenei promised that the murder Soleimani will not remain without revenge.

the Daughter Zeynab Soleimani called trump mad and warned of retaliation, adds Reuters. The General’s daughter, referring to Trump, said at the farewell ceremony: “do Not think that it was over with the death of my father.” She also added that the US and its ally Israel it was a rainy day.

In Iran, Soleimani was immediately recognized as a Martyr and the actions of the United States called a crime and a terrorist act, which promised revenge. Rouhani called the death of General a great loss to the leadership of the Islamic Republic, which, it will be difficult to fill. Rouhani and the press called the lost General “exceptionally talented politician and strategist” and “superhero”.

the Scale of the funeral held in Iraq on Sunday, the General’s body was delivered to Iran – first the farewell took place in Ahvaz, Mashhad, and now Tehran. Masses of people early on Monday morning took to the Central streets of the city to say goodbye to the General before the funeral in his hometown of Kerman. The crowd carried portraits of the deceased, mourning black flags and red flags ready to take revenge. Khamenei said a prayer over the dead and mourned his death. Chanting “Death to America, death to Israel”, the participants of the farewell ceremony promised revengeth United States for the loss heroically died a Martyr.

a US-led elimination of Soleimani is perceived as a preventive measure against a possible war. The international community urged the U.S. and Iran to show restraint. But the U.S. Congress plans to consider a resolution about the restriction of military powers trump against Iran, reports TASS with reference to the letter of the speaker of the lower house of the U.S. legislature Nancy Pelosi addressed the lawmakers-Democrats. It says that this week the house of representatives will vote on a resolution designed to reaffirm the restrictions on the powers of the President of Donald trump in the question of military action against Iran.

As emphasized in a letter to Pelosi, murder Soleimani, was “disproportionate and provocative”. It jeopardized the lives and safety of American servicemen and diplomats. And also exacerbated the already difficult relations with Iran. The author of the resolution will be the Congressman Elissa Slotkin, a former CIA analyst and the Department of defense, specializing in the Shia militants.