The fateful flight to 176, the largest crash in the history of modern Ukraine

the flight Recorders “Boeing” international airlines of Ukraine will be decrypted in Iran — Tehran categorically refused to provide data of the black boxes and the representatives of the American aircraft manufacturers, and the Kiev Prosecutor’s office. However, these minutes from the airport Borispol to Tehran is preparing to fly the aircraft with search-and-rescue team and the forensic experts on Board, reported President Vladimir Zelensky. One of the first condolences to the Ukrainian and Iranian colleagues was expressed by Vladimir Putin.

the Search operation at the crash site of the Ukrainian “Boeing” will continue and night. Involved all emergency services of the Islamic Republic and representatives of the red Crescent. On the ground — a heap of twisted metal, engines, covering, personal belongings of passengers, in-flight magazines. The Iranian side said that the lineup will be difficult. Fragments of the bodies located in the territory of about two acres.

“the Only thing that managed to make the pilots to direct the plane to the football field nearby, and not to the residential district behind”, — the eyewitness told Aref Hereand.

Boeing 737 Ukraine International airlines flew to Kiev from the airport of Imam Khomeini in 6:12. Two minutes later after departing from the band (during this time the plane reached an altitude of 2400 meters) communication with him was lost. The airliner crashed in the town of Paranda.

After the collapse of the scoreboard Boryspil popped up a message about the cancellation of the flight from Tehran. The airport began to arrive relatives of those who were on Board. They provide psychological assistance.

I drove the Ukrainian plane crew, including the experienced commander Vladimir Gaponenko. It has taken them almost twelve thousand hours of flying time. The second pilot Sergey Homenko. Helped them instructor Aleksey Naumkin.

the Collapse of the “Boeing” — the largest crash in the history of modern Ukraine. Management of the carrier today, January 8 held a briefing at Boryspil airport.

“According to preliminary information, on Board were 167 passengers and 9 crew members. Of the 167 passengers — two citizens of Ukraine. The rest are citizens of Canada, Iran, Germany, Sweden and Afghanistan,” — said Vice-President of Ukraine International airlines for ground handling Vladimir Semenchenko.

two citizens of Ukraine for various reasons did not get on this flight. One of them, a political scientist and lawyer Andrew Buzarov, was in Tehran at the international conference and had to fly to Kiev today, but at the last moment changed my flight on 9 Jan. Now to get home have through third countries — the airline at the time of canceled flights to the Islamic Republic. As told to Andrew Buzarov, International airlines of Ukraine six times a week were flying to Tehran. For the Iranians this is a very popular route, as many of them studying in Ukraine. The part of the Iranians was EN route.

Many of the passengers were flying to Kiev for connecting flights. Tickets, Ukrainian airlines have been chosen because of its cheapness. Most of those who were on Board, the students, who were returning to Canada after a vacation. Among the wreckage, rescuers found a note in it, one of the students asks for help on the exam from God.

However, the Iranian secret services categorically stated that the cause of the crash was technical malfunction of “Boeing” — supposedly ignited one of the plane engines. The manufacturer of aircraft engines, however, asked not to speculate on this version until the investigation is completed. Black boxes of the airliner discovered, but the Iranian side refuses to hand over the flight recorders, experts of “Boeing” and Ukrainian airlines. In Tehran are afraid of fraud and provocations.

condolences to the family and friends of the victims on his page in the social network was expressed by the President of Ukrains. Vladimir Zelensky interrupted his vacation in Oman and returned to Kiev.