The father of Meghan Markle is willing to testify in court against daughter

the Father of Meghan Markle is willing to testify in court against her own daughter in the case of alleged illegal publication of a personal letter.

In the letter Markle asked his father to stop lying in an attempt to make money on sensational statements. When it was published, the Duchess of Sussex, has accused the tabloid The Mail on Sunday of unfair use of personal information and copyright infringement. According to her, the letter was published without permission, and in addition, not completely, but selectively, that distorted its meaning.

However, lawyers for The Mail on Sunday insists that published the letter for the sake of “truth, justice and the reputation of Mr. Markle”. In the documents that were submitted to the court, indicated that Thomas Markle repeatedly tried to contact her daughter, but she didn’t answer the phone. In addition, one person is not informed him about the wedding and asked how he feels after heart surgery. Thomas Markle denies daughter that she was paying for their education, reports TASS.

All this is happening against the backdrop of yet another scandal. January 8, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said that they refuse to status of senior members of the Royal family and want to secure a financial independence. The decision was not agreed with other members of the British Royal family.

the family Council Queen Elizabeth II supported the decision of his grandson. However, while it is necessary to solve the question of the financing of the Duke and Duchess and their protection.

meanwhile, Harry and Megan are going to go on the show to Oprah Winfrey to tell his story, but Megan has already signed a contract with “disney” on the dubbing of the cartoon.