The father of the deceased Tropical Nastya spoke about her desire

Father crashed on a motorcycle blogers Tropical Nastya (Anastasia zubrin;) said in Instagram about the intention to fulfill the daughter’s wish is to scatter some of her ashes over the ocean from Bali. To do this, the girl’s parents need to wait for the opening of borders and resumption of the interrupted because of the pandemic coronavirus international flights. Cremation of the body took place without their presence.

Nastya Tropical died on the Indonesian island last week, crashing into the curb on a sports motorcycle and receiving fall severe head injury.

Bali’s 18-year-old Russian, born and raised in St. Petersburg, lived with last year, and blogs led with 12 years. The zubrin; considered themselves “self-made millionaire”, conducted webinars, wrote about travel and distance.

Earlier it was reported about the death of another popular blogger Alexander Diablo R1. He crashed the motorcycle in the Tambov region on the way to Elbrus.