The Federation Council has proposed to cut the New year

the Federation Council proposed to limit the new year holidays 2021-year and four days from January 1 to January 3 to compensate for non-working days declared during a pandemic coronavirus. The bill was sent to the Ministry of labor and social protection Chairman of the Committee on economic policy Andrey Kutepov.

have the Russians defining feature: everything that happens in life it is with humor (perhaps the British or the Italians will say that they have instituted, we will not argue: let anything about yourself think).

Jokes aside, but to two events we treat with extreme severity. This Victory Day and New year.

You may recall that Russia is a multiethnic and multireligious country, there are important religious holidays, but even they are private in nature and pale in comparison to the immutability of these two pillars. Each of them has its own peculiarities of preparation and celebration. And this ceremony dozens of years no one dares to violate any event in the world. Under any circumstances.

Since the initiative Kutepova refers to the holidays of new year, will have to be limited to the analysis of this recommendation.

organized People begin to prepare for the New year around October. That’s when they are the first lists, which will be reworked several times what, gifts, food. The rest, that is normal Russians remember that soon will come Santa Claus, gifts and more, no one was in the middle of December. When it is impossible not to notice that everything is decorated with Christmas trees and toys, when every window sprinkles hundreds of colored lights over invitingly unfolded gift boxes.

the First clear realization that the holiday is on the doorstep, comes the evening of the 24th of December — on the eve of “Christmas”. Every year, suddenly it becomes clear that we must congratulate almost all Orthodox from other Churches. And this recognition becomes lighter and kinder on the soul: the better and wider the celebration. Mistress, sighing, pulled out of the freezer a goose or a piece of pork, in store for new year’s table. But Christmas tradition must be respected. And follow up with a glass of champagne. Or two.

If the glasses will be more (and there is bound to be more), work will have to go before the 26th: every boss will understand that such a big holiday as Christmas, which happens to be and for the Orthodox too, was born, it is necessary to celebrate all Orthodox souls.

If not the 26th, then on the next day at work to come it is necessary. Hours to three. For new year corporate. And before does not make it: while the stand himself in order to lead after Christmas, the store will go to buy on the list of food on the festive table: from home stocks to make the last thing.

Corporate event traditionally ends with the money on the card and the wallet (from the brought in advance only enough bread, the rest have to go buy more). Ends in complete exhaustion, so the 28th of December is better, if this day falls on a Saturday. Then it was legal to have a rest together with Sunday. Unfortunately, 28th “have to” for a weekend only once in several years, so you have to relax “illegally”.

But the 30 just have to come to work. First, of all to congratulate happy New year and bring gifts. And, secondly, to raise a glass to the passing year. With the inevitable sigh that “a difficult year like this never happened” and wishes all of the “new happiness in the New year.”

At the same time toast colleagues must guess that you are saying goodbye to 10 January.

Tomorrow, the 31st, under the “Irony” must find time to cook, Olivier, “the coat”, jelly and bake your favorite pie aunt Faith. The next three days will pass like a single moment — not even time to answer greetings SMS. 4th dad’s birthday. The fifth must finally rest, because the 6th night again Christmas came around. Now is the present. Our, native.

on the Eighth of January is somehow always flies very fast, even if we manage to fend off a campaign to visit, where cooked and has rested first Christmas salt and chopped fresh salad (not like the one that was forgotten from the 1st of January and half an hour ago ruthlessly discarded in the trash).

the Ninth again have to go to work. This is an important day: it for stories about your holidays time to clean your work mail. This should be done in complete silence: probing questions: “how much cost the Maldives” or “how many slopes of the Alps subdued this year,” lengthen the report three times. And the question: “And how are you all the time” threatens to embroil all until the next New year. How politely it is not formulated, it always detect a hint of sarcasm.

Completely out of place, because all is coming “New year present” from 13 to 14 January. Why he is real and that we were celebrating, starting with the 24th of December, no one really can not explain. The most important tradition to take seriously the Victory Day and the New year.

In four days will not meet any serious Russian