The fire around the fuselage: Ukrainian Boeing caught fire in the air

the civil aviation Organization of Iran has published today the results of the initial investigation of the crash of the Ukrainian aircraft Boeing 737 in Tehran.

“the Plane caught fire in the air. According to eyewitnesses, the fire was visible on the airplane and extended on its fuselage”, — stated in the report.

the document Also notes that before the crash the plane tried to turn around and go back towards the airport. However, signals about the emergency situation from the crew was not. After the collision of the liner with the ground an explosion occurred, reports TASS.

the Aircraft company “Ukraine International airlines” crashed on 8 January after takeoff from the Tehran airport. Killed all aboard the 176 — 167 passengers (citizens of seven countries) and 9 crew members. It is noted that the ship miraculously crashed in a residential neighborhood. The pilots managed to direct Boeing to the football field, in a water utility.

currently there is no reliable information about what caused the accident. The investigation is ongoing. According to Western intelligence services, there is evidence of overheating of one of the engines of the aircraft, so the accident likely occurred due to technical malfunction of the plane.

In this case, the airline “Ukraine International airlines”, said that complaints to the liner was not — the plane was only 3 years, and for a couple of days before the tragedy was the technical service.

on 9 January in the Ukraine and Iran announced a day of mourning for the victims.