The fire that destroyed the Church in Tomsk, became a personal tragedy for the villagers

the Fire completely destroyed the 150-year-old wooden Church in the village of Zorkaltsevo under Tomsk. There were no injuries. According to preliminary data, the cause of the fire was a lightning strike.

From Zorkaltsevo Church that stood here since the XIX century, a couple of hours left only charred logs. According to witnesses, the fire quickly got inside, and even though the rain continued to spread.

At this place this morning there was a Church there was a service. Fortunately, no one was hurt, including thanks to the help of the residents themselves.

“We own, how could something made from there. The heat from the fire was very strong, standing near the chapel is heated so much that start to char. So it wasn’t on fire, he had to pour water. For me personally, it’s such a tragedy because this is the place where I grew up, I go for me it is certainly a tragedy,” says Seraphim Mironov.

Firefighters arrived at the scene after 20 minutes from start of fire, but for the residents of nearby houses this time seemed to last forever.

Thanks to the coordinated work of firefighters and villagers managed to do without victims and serious damage to neighboring buildings. Even though a large area of fire spread.

the Church was founded in 1873. Under the Soviet regime the Church was closed and the building was occupied by the House of culture. Returned to the parishioners in 1987 in poor condition. Long time it was restored, services were resumed only in 2009. Now the locals plan to undertake the reconstruction.