The first day of the exam: who was not allowed into the exam

In Moscow completed the first exam. Today, it was literature, geography, and Informatics. In the capital of the unified state examination hand over more than 80 thousand persons, from them 64 thousand — graduates of this year.

382 Organised point of reception of the exam. The features imposed by the pandemic. Prior to the exam classrooms were disinfected at the entrance all measured the temperature, and to avoid congestion of people in the building were allowed on the schedule.

When Seating is observed a safe distance. Children can wear masks and gloves, but at the request and for the teachers of the remedy had been required.

All 30 thousand employees before the exam passed tests for coronavirus. Here is what the Deputy mayor Anastasia Rakova: “No employee with this infection admitted to the exam. Children who get sick with coronavirus, or are under quarantine today will not be able to pass the exam, but we have reserve days that they can exercise their right”.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”