Amendments to the Constitution that the President proposed in his address to the Federal Assembly, that does not affect its fundamentals. Their goal is to ensure the further development of Russia as a legal social state. With these words Vladimir Putin began his first meeting with members of the working group that will prepare proposals for amendments. The President approved its composition on the eve. 75 people — politicians, businessmen, artists, public figures — will decide what and how to Supplement or amend the Basic law.

the First meeting of the working group on preparation of proposals on introducing amendments to the Constitution is exploratory in nature, but further work will be carried out very intensively.

the President thanked everyone for agreeing to participate in this important and challenging work. On the eve of Mr Putin admits, he was limited by time, when I spoke to the Federal Assembly. But today there is an opportunity to talk about the proposed initiatives in more detail. Including whether to give the Duma the power to approve the Prime Minister, his deputies and the Ministers.

“this makes a lot of sense: Russia still remains a presidential Republic, still becomes more open. And significance of the Parliament increased, and the interaction of Parliament with the government intensified, the President said. — There is a situation when the Parliament will be responsible not only for the appointment of Ministers, deputies and the Chairman himself, but also for the work that they carry out, for the policy pursued by the government. Such closer links between Parliament and the government, I think, is already in demand. Imagine, appointed by the Prime Minister and the President no longer has the right to reject the nomination. And then the Prime Minister goes to the President with their proposals, and goes to Parliament, and Parliament is actually in its final form says Vice ChairmanChairman of the government and Federal Ministers. The President in this case has no right to reject them. Responsibility, of course, a whole other level occurs and the Parliament and the government in relations and work with each other”.

But the President will be able to monitor the effectiveness of the Cabinet.

“Russia needs to stay at the same time, a presidential Republic and the President must be retained substantial powers associated with the possible removal from office those who violate the law, those who are unscrupulous fulfills its duties, and in connection with loss of trust”, — said the head of state”.

Dr. Leonid Roshal says, whether it’s personal personnel decisions.

“Would the President, if anyone of the Ministers or Vice-premiers is not working well enough to put the question on the relevant post and tell him goodbye?” ‘he asks.

“Yes. I said it yesterday, and just mentioned briefly. I believe that the head of state should remain entitled to remove from office those who improperly performs his duties”, — said Putin.

the core of the team — and that team because they have to work together — be professional legislators: senators, deputies of the state Duma, chairmen of regional legislative assemblies. Only 75 people. There are among them those who worked on the text of the 1993 Constitution. And it also symbolizes that the Constitution is a living law which must and can change.

“the Constitution is not a monument to a era — the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction Andrey Klishas. — This is a living document. A living Constitution means that the Constitution should provide answers to those queries that sends societiesabout.”

“In 25 years in the world there is not one of the Constitution, which is not subjected to correction, — the Director of the Federal state research institution “Institute of legislation and comparative law under the Government of the Russian Federation” taliya khabrieva. — This experience is generalized by science, we will use it as additional tools. But want to keep the immunity of the Russian society from the concepts, proposals, idelogies that are not rooted in our reality and which are not compatible with our constitutional matrix, which has proved its viability over 25 years.”

the working group a lot of recognizable faces — famous politicians, figures of culture, science and art, athletes. They, of course, harder than professional lawyers. But work on changing the Constitution, Putin said, requires not only professional knowledge, but also political and life experience. While the working group encourages Putin to follow the most important principle of the Russian law should take precedence over international.

“We’re not going to be different from other countries in the world that have made such decisions and directly, without any equivocation, without any scruple, ordered that on the territory of their country are everything that is not contrary to their fundamental law, — Putin said. — This does not mean that we shy away from a situation where an international Treaty has priority in relation to other laws of the Russian Federation, but not the Constitution. If the contract is whatever is contrary to the Constitution, he should not be, and if was concluded and we found that there is a violation of the Constitution, he will not act on the territory of the Russian Federation”.

the Presidential proposal for amendments to the Constitution of a truly epoch-making. Putin proposes to establish the basic law to such important norms as the prohibition on a second citizenship or a residence permit for those who was elected to the state Duma and the Federation Council, as well as for applicants for such posts as Governor, Minister, head of the Federal authority. A President can only be someone who has never had a foreign nationality and the past 25 years resided on the territory of Russia. The working group will prepare and a large block of social amendments. To establish a minimum wage, which shall not be less than the subsistence minimum, and the duty of the government every year to index pensions.

“We already do it today. But it was not always so, and many of you here are well aware of this. “Not enough money, there are many priorities, pensioners can wait.” But if we will fix in the Constitution the need for indexing, so never in the future no one will say. The government will be obliged to index pensions, or will it be a violation of the Constitution, with all the ensuing consequences and the ability of the President to respond to this violation of the Constitution in respect of all officers in respect of which he will have the right including to impeach”, — said the Russian leader.

the Status of the state Council should also be spelled out in the Constitution. But Putin urged to act carefully: you cannot create a second chamber of regions which would overlap with the Federation Council. At the first meeting established the basic working parameters, a strategy for cooperation.

“This is our first approach to the projectile, — said Putin. — We will meet, we will discuss what will arise will start to evaluate already at a professional level. Once again I want to thank you all for what you have agreed to participate in this work. It is very important and in demand. All these questions raised, they are ripe. This work is very responsible, extremely responsible. Well, of course, honorary. I want us all wishesbe success on this path. Thank you very much. Well.”

And tomorrow will begin work in specific areas — individual articles.