The flagship OnePlus 8 get the best display for a smartphone

the Company OnePlus, part of a holding company BBK Electronics, held in China press conference at which he presented a display for its future flagship smartphone, OnePlus 8. There was shown a new OLED panel-type Fluid Display with the highest refresh rate of 120 Hz, which will make the picture even more responsive, smooth and bright.

For comparison, the frequency of updates to OnePlus 7 – 90 Hz, i.e. the image on his screen repaint 90 times per second. The company said that the OLED panel with a resolution of 2K will be manufactured by Samsung, but it will be implemented “exclusive solution of optimization” (probably talking about the technology of the insertion frame, which is used in many modern TVs).

the Frequency of read touchsensor closer to 240 Hz – this means that OnePlus 8 will be faster to respond to touch. In addition, the company promised color, “customized order”: the new flagship of the threshold of color distinguishing Just Noticeable Color Difference will not exceed 0.8, while the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, which is considered the reference parameter JNCD above 0.9.

10-bit color 8 OnePlus will be calibrated at the factory, and its peak brightness is 1000 nits, assured by the manufacturer. Date of presentation of the novelty was not mentioned.

However, what promised to OnePlus, may become commonplace by the end of 2020. Model 120-gigagertsevyj OLED displays this year, supposedly, also offers Samsung and Apple.

Text: To.Hi-tech