A new Focus was essential ? The question has crossed the minds of the leaders of Ford. The american brand, which is experiencing the worst difficulties to earn money in Europe, has flatly decided not to run in the future, new sedans in the United States. And then, as all of the family compact, the Focus has lost a lot of ground. In the 2000s, it was broadcast between 400 000 and 500 000 units per year, but he now sells barely half (210 000 by 2017), on the Old Continent. Ford, who believes that the segment is expected to remain fairly stable in the next years, was finally answered in the affirmative.

It would have been a pity to sacrifice the Focus at the time where she seems to have found his style. Since 1998, Ford has positioned itself as a model for the benefits, perfectly standard while striving to give him a look that shifted in the light of orthodoxy in a segment dominated from the first by the Volkswagen Golf. The results were uneven, with flashbacks that led to a third generation very faded. The fourth, will go on sale from 24-650 euros, is the choice of a consensus assumed, but rather inspired. By managing to attract the eye without surdessiner this car, Ford has found a point of equilibrium. Fluid, well proportioned and sober (no chrome tape-to-eye or LED to abundance), we can say that the classicism, it goes well with the complexion.

A sedan pure juice

that The focus is confirmed in the cabin, also redesigned in the sense of simplicity. The dashboard, the drawing rid of lines unnecessarily complex, gaining in elegance as in ergonomics and dresses with coverings wrapped, nice to the touch, even on the steering wheel. The space is not counted, even though the versions with the wide roof (opening) glass suffer a ceiling height significantly reduced at the front. We will enjoy some of the finer details that facilitate life on board, such as the USB socket illuminated to be easily localized, or even the presence of a double grip (left-handers will appreciate) to fold down the rear tailgate. The capacity of the trunk (375 liters), in contrast, has nothing extraordinary.

despite its commendable contribution to the cause, the new Focus will not large-thing in the face of the slow decline of the sedan are traditional.

This sedan pure juice, where one is sitting down, has been carried out on a chassis that is unique and receives a very precise, a set which makes the ride very lively and gives relief to the sensations regardless of the pace. The new automatic transmission in eight reports reactive and unobtrusive, does not deserve compliments, including in the area of consumption. Only downside, his command, a jog wheel very practical because of its size too large. The suspensions are deliberately firm without being uncomfortable and the soundproofing muffles the engine noise on the motorway.

The engines, in fact, offer a wide choice of gasoline, which is not the case with all manufacturers. The three-cylinder Ecoboost is available in 1 litre (125 bhp) and 1.5 litre (150 or 182 hp), while the advocates of the diesel will rely on the efficient four-cylinder 1.5-litre 120 hp. It will still be a wait before you can rely on the solutions of hybridization. As usual in this manufacturer, the equipment list is well-stocked (head-up display, adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, parking ” no hands “, among others) and relatively accessible.

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despite its commendable contribution to the cause, the new Focus will not large-thing in the face of the slow decline of the sedan are traditional. In 2019, Ford will launch a version slightly elevated this model, called Active. An extension of range that will place the occupants a little above the traffic that pays lip service to the buyers of SUV – but may be not as easy to drive.