The foreign Ministry of Poland - the publication of documents about the liberation of Warsaw: it is an attempt to rewrite history

Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Pawel Jablonski commented on the publication of the Russian defense Ministry declassified documents on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Warsaw, calling it an attempt to rewrite history.

As stated by Jablonski, it was not liberation but the bringing of a new Communist captivity. “We must remember that, while respecting individual soldiers”, — quotes the words Jabłoński RIA Novosti.

the Doctor of historical Sciences Yevgeny Kozhokin in response to the Warsaw Declaration emphasized that Russia is not ashamed of her story, and added, speaking about the inadmissibility of falsification, historians seeking the truth about the behavior of the red army in Poland.

In turn Director of the Russian military historical society Mikhail Myagkov noted: documents released by the Ministry of defence, indicate how the heat while ordinary poles met the Soviet military.

According to the expert of the European centre for geopolitical studies tomáš jankovský, currently in Poland very strong Pro-Western media. “Poland is part of the Western world, and it is very important to show anti-Russian policy,” — said Jankowski.

Earlier, the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation has published the declassified documents from the archives of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Warsaw from the Nazis. On the Internet portal of the Ministry there is a new historical section, including the collection of documents on the Warsaw uprising in September 1944.

According to military historians, of the order of 200 thousand Soviet soldiers were killed in the fighting on the Polish direction.

Moscow repeatedly pointed out that some European countries are trying to rewrite History. In mid-December 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Poland colluded with Nazi Germany. At the disposal of Russia there is proof of negotiations in different countries with the Third Reich.

according to Russian policy that Europe is not ready to accept this chathere’s its history.