The French authorities will return to the pension reform

the New Prime Minister of France Jean Castex intends to resume pension reform, which was suspended due to a pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. In an interview with Le Journal du Dimanche, he said that in the current environment requires special attention to the employment of the population and the pension problem.

Commenting on the concern of the French trade unions on the pension reform, Castex noted that this issue will be reviewed “taking into account the new circumstances.” The crisis caused by the consequences of the spread of coronavirus, greatly aggravated the situation with the pension reforms, he said.

Castex, who previously held the position of Deputy head of the presidential administration, was appointed Prime Minister of France two days ago. The President of France Emmanuel macron instructed the new head of the Cabinet of Ministers to form a government. Castex was replaced by Edouard Philippe, who had earlier submitted his resignation after three years of tenure.

Pension reform has caused a series of strikes that began in December 2019 at the initiative of trade unions. In addition to the government’s proposals to raise to 64 the age at which pension in France is paid in full, the unions expressed dissatisfaction with the intention to abolish the special pension rates for several dozen categories of workers.