The friendliness of the Moscow police foiled the provocation of dissent on Pushkin square

it would be Possible to justify the concern of the organizers about the participants, but it is not because the organizers squeal all the social networks, they say, come. But you didn’t. Protest rally on Pushkin in Moscow fizzled before it started. 400 people and friendly police, who even handed out masks.

She entered the service of the interior Ministry six years ago. And now studying in the fifth year of University, where he received a law degree. Irina Bodrova, she is “the nicest policeman”, whose identity today — with her own consent — revealed “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Exactly the kind of employee who a day earlier so caring and friendly, handing out medical masks are so-called “dissent” — the participants of the gathering on Pushkin square in Moscow. It seems, easily broke the opposition pattern. Waiting for something, and it is permitted, even wanted the hard power of acceleration for a photo in social networks and Western media.

However, in the end, was essentially disarmed by the courtesy and kindness of the girl Sergeant. But on the other hand, it would be one to disperse. Despite promises of non-system characters to bring to the streets tens of thousands of people against the amendments to the Constitution, yesterday’s footage from the capital speak for themselves.

an Insignificant small number of demonstrators. Which, by the way, for a long time in the place of collection is not delayed. He stood, slowly wandered, and safely dispersed.

and what kind of support can be discussed, if the initiators of this action, even supporters to invite their normally could not. For, if one may say so, the poster – gyotoku confused. But those who managed to find the venue – it was a little.

“Of these 400 – take the upper limit of the order of a hundred were journalists. Participants were still less. It would be possible to justify the concern of the organizers about the participants, but it is not because the organizers squeal all the social networks, they say, come”, — says Alexei Mukhin, Director of the Center for political information.

But to shout failed. Came mostly pretty strange characters. Surprising the audience a few unexpected slogans. For example: “only the world revolution and international socialism would help the world!”

And as one, the speakers considered it their duty to climb up on the pedestal, closer to the figure of the poet. Clung to granite, shouting memorized phrases. Polite comments the police chose to ignore. “Have respect for the poet – we will not stop you from monument to peel off. Well, as it is not solid. We have the same freedom of speech, you just peel off the monument. Russia will be free – Yes it will be. Go down, please,” admonished the guards gathered.

not only that, the action is inconsistent, and gathered in most of them were without masks. With the exception, perhaps, of a young man, depicting a frog.

the Problem of viral insecurity decided police Sergeant Irina Bodrova, becoming, without exaggeration, the real hero of this action. “Most were journalists, among them were ordinary people, they had no Sizov – no mask, no gloves, and we still have mode has not been canceled. With all the consultation, we decided to take care of the citizens and handing out masks,” recalls Irina Bodrova, senior Sergeant of police.

those who Came continued to hang around the square. Apparently realizing that in the minority, quickly diverged. After all, the purpose of this action came, apparently, were poorly understood. “When it comes to the amendments, they do not understand what it is. It is necessary to open, read and access texts, textbooks to read. Sorry, we didn’t ask”, — says Roman Golovanov, the correspondent of the internal policy Department of pH “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Yes, and how to understand the meaning of the event, when even the organizers clearly can’t say against what protest. VeQB Express their position on the ballot was not forbidden. “People have voted, who for, who against, no one desires to go out and throw a tantrum for foreign cameras – there is simply no”, — said Ilias Mercouri, blogger, journalist.

it turns out – picking against the democratic choice of the majority. The idea, in advance doomed to failure. “To present political demands, the need to have for a support. If you’re dealing with, it was clear before yesterday that people voted as voted. And to protest against how the people voted. You can, of course, to say that I do not agree to go to say, I disagree. But said, and left the consequences behind it, no”, — said Maxim Kononenko, a journalist.

Although, the consequences are probably still there. The dirt from the shoes on the pedestal. More significant traces of the participants of such gatherings, perhaps, to leave is no longer able.