The FSB Director reported to the President, as in Russia managed to reduce terrorist activity

the Russian law enforcement bodies managed to liquidate the organized bandit underground in the North Caucasus. The Director of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov said at the June 16 meeting with Vladimir Putin. The conversation, held in Novo-Ogarevo, was devoted to results of work of National antiterrorist Committee. The results are impressive: if in 2010-m in Russia has occurred almost 800 terrorist crimes in the past year only four. Due to what has happened to change the situation?

Russia has built an effective system to combat terrorism. The main principle — to prevent the crime.

“We have managed through joint efforts to eliminate the organized illegal armed groups in the North Caucasus in the result of which was to provide security for such major international forums and competitions in the country, as the Universiade 2013 in Kazan, the 2014 Olympics in Sochi,” — said the Director of FSB, Chairman NAK Alexander Bortnikov.

the national anti-terrorism Committee was established in 2006. It includes not only law enforcers, but also public figures, representatives of civil society. Done very much.

“If in 2010 there were 778 of terrorist crimes, in the past year, only four”, — said Alexander Bortnikov.

just Tuesday, June 16, regular meeting of the Committee where they talked about prevention of terrorism in the Volga Federal district. For three years, there is not admitted any act of terrorism, fourteen failed to prevent. Destroyed seven militants. Hundreds of criminals prosecuted. In addition, managed to cut the financial channels and to eliminate the 48 conspiratorial cells associated with the international terrorist underground.

Experience of the Russian special services are actively interested foreign colleagues, including the relevant committees of the UN security Council, with whom the NAC conducts annual briefings. Professionals have something to discuss. Here is a conversation with Putin, Bortnikov:

— With your permission at the time we launched the Federal security service lot of work with our partner intelligence agencies of foreign countries.

— just wanted to ask. On a bilateral basis?

— Yes, the work of bilateral, multilateral format is carried out continuously. We began to promote the idea of creating a single information space of anti-terrorism, the essence of which is to integrate the information which is owned by various state intelligence agencies and law enforcement authorities to be able effectively to use it.

Now to this international data Bank connected 56 intelligence agencies from 42 States and 8 international organizations.