The girl deftly around his little finger chasing her man

the Young resident of suburban Stupina tricked pursuing her on her way home suspicious man. Nine-year-old girl, according to records from surveillance cameras, were able to hide and escape from an attacker who followed on her heels.

Pereproshivka parents the case occurred about two o’clock in the afternoon on January 16.

“Cooking was coming from school to the house it was chased by some man. He was waiting for her in the store, while will be released (smoke)”, — said Olga, the girl’s mother.

the footage shows that Barbara noticed the Stalker yet leading to the entrance door. The man entered after her, but at the lift lobby, the girl tricked the attacker: first went right and then quickly back and hid behind the corner. While the perplexed male caused the lift, the girl slipped into the aisle and ran outside, where he met his father.

“With Varya’s all good. She met dad at the house. The husband was not aware of (because Cooking was without a phone), so did not pay much attention to him,” said Olga.

the Stalker hastily left the house, but he was soon arrested. According to unconfirmed information, the man consists on the account at the psychiatrist.