The girl's parents, from birth living in medclinic, insist on an open process

the Parents of 5-year-old Sasha, who from birth live in the hospital in Moscow, insist on the court in their case was held in open mode. They believe that the history of their families, the guardianship distorted, and media attention will help to dot the “i”.

the mother and the girl’s father trying to restrict rights because they have never taken their child home from the hospital, claiming that her daughter needs constant supervision of doctors. Although doctors believe that the girl is healthy. The parents, the court did not appear — they sent a lawyer.

“there are No grounds for limiting parental rights. Ward petitioned for a closed process. Accordingly, we will seek to ensure that the process was open, as all the information in the press must be factual, and not one that a single line is distorted is heard. So I want objectivity on this issue. Mom is not ready for dialogue. To the open review process, the mother is ready,” — said the lawyer Olga Lukmanova.

the Meeting, which must be parents, appointed on January 28. All this time Sasha will remain in the clinic.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”