The government has proposed to double the tax deduction when buying a home

a Member of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes Yevgeny Fyodorov suggested the government twice to increase the amount from which the Russians can get a tax deduction when buying real estate. According to RT, a letter explaining why he entered the name of the Chairman of the government Michael mishustina.

according to the state Duma, at present the cost of housing is much higher than accounted for personal income tax deduction of 2 million rubles and 3 million rubles in interest on the loan. According to Fedorov, the increasing amounts with which citizens can make a tax deduction, up to 4 million and 6 million rubles, respectively, will increase availability of housing for Russian families.

to Issue a refund of personal income tax of 13 percent on a real estate transaction through the tax office or employer.